LOVE – not fiction

Each of us has ever fallen in love, but sooner or later the feeling disappeared somewhere. Why is this happening? Maybe because love does not exist, and love – just instinct, chemical processes in the body?

About love can think anything, and everyone on this account has their own opinion. But is it possible to know for sure whether there is love or is it just chemistry?

To understand this, one must first understand what we mean by the word “love”, a feeling somewhere in the soul, the spiritual closeness of the two men, a very close friendship, physical attraction, desire, arousal, or something else? And love can be – it’s all together and if something is not one, then, and no love? Perhaps this is so.

But if you think about it, really, to be in love and spiritual closeness and mutual understanding, and respect, and friendship should be, because if not, then people with each other just not interested. And if there is no interest in each other, as individuals, then what kind of intimacy? So in love should be and friendship, and understanding, and trust, as well as attraction, physical attraction, because it is impossible to get a true pleasure without the enjoyment of beauty.

Love – is a delight in every way!

But pleasure – this is what we get. And in order to get something, and we must be able to give something back. Maybe the problem is in this love that no one seriously thinks that we must be able to give, not just receive? While in love should be able to give selflessly, otherwise it is not love. A man in love is capable of much, to exploit, to madness, to any adventure – it’s a sign that love is self-sufficient and does not need to give her something, she is able to give! Therefore, the relationship of the two lovers always start very well, both full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to do for each other everything, and devote themselves to take care of their spouse.

But time passes, and the enthusiasm slowly dissipates, and in its place come discontent, resentment and blame. It was then that arouse suspicion about the existence of love. But perhaps this is not in it, and the people themselves, who simply do not know how to love? Yes, we must be able to love.

Every person initially has all the feelings and emotions, the ability to experience them. On how a person is brought up, which has the character, outlook, concepts, strong will, intelligence, depends on his personal ability to feel, to react.

Think about what love can not be combined? Love is incompatible with resentment, aggression, with cruelty, with selfishness, with arrogance, with stubbornness, with all the negative feelings, emotions and qualities. When a person shows negative feelings and quality, thus killing his same love. And then wonder where it go? While not rare blaming your partner that he or she is guilty of corrupt relationships. But how do people wrong about it!

Love – it means to forgive, to be able to endure, to wait, to be able to give generously, care for and do not require anything in return. But it’s so hard! Once a person does something good, then immediately waits for it is something that will follow. From the good-but what good do not wait! And when this happens, or is not what I expected, that pride began to whisper, “he (or she) will sit down your neck, do not let this, Cry worthy to be treated!”. And as soon as people start to succumb to such tricks ego, relationships begin to deteriorate rapidly.

But how can you do otherwise, as the yield is always give and get nothing in return? Who might need such a relationship in which you begin to feel as though you are using? But that’s the whole point! The idea that you sit on the neck that you do not appreciate, do not give a vat of what you, in your opinion, are worthy of love and murder. It all depends on your view of the situation, how do you assess it, determine. Otherwise you can look at what is happening and make a different idea of ​​how to shape and develop the relationship, what is correct and that the relationship is good. It all depends on perspective.

Relationships can be built only by working on them, investing in them their efforts by raising and developing their awareness, will power. If this is done together with his half, together to discuss their behavior and attitude to each other, to plan for the future, you can create a very trusting and close relationships, achieve an unprecedented understanding and thus keep your love!

They fear the men in relationships: learn …

Male psychology is significantly different from the psychology of women. It would seem that we are always there, meeting them at work and on the street, waking up with them in the morning, being in a marriage, they are just like us, we have common interests and we know about each other … But it is not so.
We believe that men are never afraid of nothing, simple and easy to relate to his relations with women. At that time, as we women are always in thought, full of complexes and various problems. In fact, men have its own, purely “male” and fears. And women would not hurt to know about them to come to the man in time to help.

So, what to be afraid of men in relationships with women?

Like women, men are afraid to take the first step. If you believe that men can easily get acquainted with the girls, then you are greatly mistaken. Have you noticed sometimes that the work, at a party or at the institute unknown gentleman looks at you for two weeks, but so far made no attempt to come and meet? He liked you too, but you do not understand it so hard to find an excuse for dating? In fact, not only difficult, but also scary.
Do. If you feel that you care about each other, if you really like this person, you do not need to panic. You can think up some excuse to turn to him. For example, if it’s at work, ask him to fix the computer, ask something for work, etc. At the party, walk up to him to pour you champagne or juice. And ask the institute timetable or ask a general teacher.

What more afraid of men in relationships – they are afraid not to please a woman and to be rejected.
To attract the attention of our men need constant care, joking, telling interesting stories, show off their achievements, give flowers and small gifts, invite to the restaurant to shake hands, open the door, and more. Trying to follow all these rules, the man just can go around the head. Therefore, if you value them, you need to help him.
Do. Should encourage a man his attention, talking to him, smiling and laughing at his jokes, surprised his stories, interested in his hobbies, and he presented to admire bouquets. Let him see that he is doing all this for good reason, that you are very much things like that.

Men are afraid to cross the face of intimate. Man very difficult to determine when you can go with you to the more intimate caresses and touch and how it has to end for the first time. After all, we do know for sure that it will happen when we want it. But a man may want before us, and then he (if it is a normal and well-mannered man) there a lot of questions about how, when and to what extent it is possible to begin an intimate relationship.
Do. You have set for yourself to determine when and how you want “it” want, and casually hint man about his decision.

Men are afraid of their own financial situation. Often a man is afraid that will not be able to take us to an expensive restaurant or make a birthday expensive gift, invite to Paris and gave a million red roses. Even if you live together, it is not diminished his fear. After all, any time you need a new washing machine, laptop, phone, or, worse, a car or a fur coat.
Do. You need to carefully watch how much money your gentleman and how he spends them. It may be that he buys you expensive gifts, and he does not allow himself anything extra. Look what his clothes, household appliances, which he gives to the families and friends and how much to spend on himself. If you are the man of roads, softer feel about his financial situation. It is not necessary to sigh at the beautiful windows or hint about the new phone.
Clearly, if your partner is enough to provide, you can not be shy. Otherwise, you can develop in him an inferiority complex. In addition, the more a man is consistent, the more he fears that you only need his money. Therefore less asking and hints, then you can achieve its trust and goodwill.

Men are afraid that women will be able to make up their lives. A man may worry about how you perceive his parents, friends, what you wish for his apartment and a car, appearance, lifestyle and hobbies.
Do. Faced with his life, do not criticize or do anything unpleasant surprised face. Better to praise his apartment, take kindly to his family and friends, to show interest in his hobbies, etc.

They fear the men in relationships – they are often afraid to take responsibility for themselves. This may relate to both the smallest responsibility, for example, to take you home after the party, and large – to make you an offer.
Do. Not need to show a man that just depends on him your classes, your life and your destiny, do not force him to make specific decisions. Let things go slowly. So a man will not be much to worry that you hope only to him or decide to subordinate its own plans, and, perhaps, he quickly wants to take decisions and make man the master of your total family.

This is not all, why be afraid of men against us. But it is we can save his beloved from his fears. Constantly make him compliments, praise them, increasing his self-esteem. Remember that if the men are confident and able to overcome their fears, they can give confidence in life and us women.
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What to do after sex.

The question of how to behave after sex, love interest to many, especially if it is only the initial stage of the relationship.

Consider some of the best options that are the win-win, able to ensure that smooth suddenly emerged awkwardness, and avoid those situations that can trigger a partner offense.

But first, let us consider, what you should not do after intimacy:

1. Turn to the wall and cover it – it is an eternal theme, but, nevertheless, it is extremely important. Take your partner at least a couple of moments of tenderness, but otherwise you risk running into accusations that sex is for you – it’s just commonplace sleeping pills.

2. Immediately run to the shower – this action can also hurt partner as just suggesting that you brezguete.

3. Start a serious conversation about the repair, politics and so on – such attitude may well trigger a “second half” of the idea that ordinary everyday problems and worries for you is more important than what passed between you a moment ago.

4. If sex was not the best … That in any case do not lie, saying that everything was just fine. One small mistake in bed spoil relations can not, but that’s insincerity in what you say, partner necessarily feel.

What should I do?

1. For example, repeat! And why not?

2. If you are still drawn to the shower, then why not go to him alone?

3. Manifestation of unease many “saves” a joint break. As for those who lead a healthy lifestyle, is fine tea or juice.

4. Hard to sleep in the gentle embrace of each other. Do not confuse this option with the option “to turn away and go to sleep.”

5. Without getting out of bed and watch a movie. The most important thing – is that the movie was interesting for both of them, by the way, you can discuss it after viewing.

6. Come up with something extraordinary. Here it all depends on you. Some instigate fights pillows, while others – pouring out of the shower. The most important thing – is that the process to give pleasure to both.

As you can see, there are many options of “what to do after sex.” The most important thing – is that these options are not able to hurt the partner. But what hurts us the most? Of course, indifference, especially when it appears after the most gentle, passionate and touching intimate moments.
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Birth of first child – a difficult period for …

The birth of a child, especially the first-born, always rather difficult time for any family: a woman, before all his care, love and attention to the beloved spouse, now directs it almost exclusively on the newborn. Not all families get to overcome this difficult time safely. The father, even though genuine love for and pride in their baby paternity, seeing that all the attention has shifted exclusively to spouses baby often feels irritation, resentment, and even a sort of jealousy of his wife to his own child.

Birth of first child
What caused this, to put it mildly, a strange reaction of many men to take care of his wife about their common child? Are men so cruel and selfish that they can not understand how hard their wives to care for the baby in the first months of his life and still have time to wash, clean the apartment and prepare for the arrival of her husband with a delicious dinner?

Many psychologists believe that such a reaction of men for several reasons:

First, many men subconsciously perceive his wife not only as a lover, but also as a caring loving mother, who should provide them with care and a comfortable existence, so when all the calm and habitual way of life suddenly collapses, they begin to feel discomfort, anxiety and anxiety, which gradually grow into resentment and anger behavior of his wife. Of course, the mind, most men understand the status of their wives, but exactly, to cope with their emotions can not always. It’s not for nothing they say that men – are big kids.

Secondly, a woman feeling of motherhood appears already during pregnancy, while the man begins to feel like a father does not even immediately after birth, the feeling ripened slowly in regular communication with the child. So when the house there screaming and crying, “bundle”, the man did not at first feel almost nothing but confusion and anxiety for his calm and measured existence. Just as he looked to the ever-busy caring for the child his wife begins to feel abandoned, unwanted and alone.

This situation is, of course, is solvable. Although, to prepare for fatherhood spouse need long before the birth of the child, often zagovarivaya with him on early appearance in the family of the little man. Husband in advance should be psychologically prepared for the fact that the livelihoods of the family with the birth of a baby will change very much, and then the reaction to changes in the behavior of his wife would not be as sharp.

To remedy the situation, the woman should as much as possible and often involve her husband in the care of the newborn. And do not be afraid that her husband will do everything wrong, because everything can be gradually learned. The more often a man will take his child in his arms, the more will be caring for him, the faster he will learn to not only help his wife to care for the child, but also feel their necessity and ownership, and thus cease to worry, jealous and offended by his wife .

Should not be shown to her husband their concerns about its ability to cope with the role of a caring father. Conversely, suppose that man learns to swaddle a baby, bathe, change his diapers, let him walk with him in the yard with the perambulator, while his wife sleep a little, after a near sleepless night, a crying baby, then from a large jealous and selfish child, the man suddenly turned into a gentle and caring father.

And of course, we must not forget that the man is still a man, so must often try to give my husband affection and attention, at least not to forget to tell him that all is well and it is still willing and love.
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Love and loyalty.

For some reason, it is considered that to infidelity in love are more likely the stronger sex. Many women are quite sure that when a man goes over the threshold of the house, so just start looking around, looking for a suitable, more or less nice place for infidelity of his beloved. However, most specialists who study the relationship between men and women believe that women are potentially prone to change no less than men, just to betray them may push some other reasons and circumstances. In general, the tendency to change – very individual factor that is independent of the sex of the individual directly.

Psychologists have found that the response of men and women to commit adultery is very different. Man, prove that his wife of infidelity, falls into a rage and aggression aimed as a woman, and the man with whom she has changed, and the response does not think about the changes. The woman in this situation behaves somewhat differently. It is, in most cases, regrets that faithful to her husband, and if the opportunity to provide a novel and will lead back only after the suit wrong husband disassembly. In this case, a very small percentage of women out of the man, after learning about the fact of his betrayal. Moreover, women are most afraid that their man is not in love with the woman, which has changed, and men also are not interested in the emotional side of the issue.

Faithful in a relationship certainly exists, and are capable of it, both women and men. Only now, unfortunately, it is not always caused by deep feelings of affection and true partners to each other. Many men and women, especially married, do not change each other in fear ruin your stable and well-established, or simply because it is not folded this a suitable case.

That female infidelity occur less frequently than men, largely due to the influence of culture and education. Gender education of men and women differ from early childhood. And if a man with many mistresses, is often the object of envy from other men and admired by women, to behave like a lady will look with contempt and condemnation.

The main difference between male and female adultery is primarily due to different attitudes to sex between men and women at the level of physiology. If a man first appears physically attracted to a woman, which can later develop into a passion, and then in love, a woman turns the other way around: first there is sympathy and respect to the man, then passion, and after – the sex drive. So it turns out that the sexual desire that a man may have been in the beginning of dating a pretty woman, the woman to the man appears much later, depending on factors such as intimacy, affection, desire is always to be with this man and others . This is the reason that men are easier to sex and can have a mistress, even genuinely loving wife, while female infidelity is most often caused or a complete disappointment in the relationship with her husband, or a sudden outbreak of love for another man.

Family psychologists say that to the relationship between a man and a woman were strong and stable, they must contain a sexual aspect, and romantic. Family in which there is no mutual respect, beauty in the relationship, tenderness, caring for each other and the ability to take the interests of his partner will not last long on one mutual passion and sexually compatible partners. But the sexual aspect of a relationship can not be underestimated, too, because sex is a culmination of a relationship, the apogee of closeness of two people loving each other. Only in this case, sex can seal the relationship between a man and a woman ever do any treason pointless and unnecessary.


What will it be my husband.

Why some men are completely unfit for living together? Most family psychologists argue that a model of behavior in marriage man takes over in the first place with his parents. Moreover, men are more often followed his father’s stereotypes of behavior than women – the mother. This is due, apparently the fact that for most women, marriage is in first place among the main priorities in life, and to make their marriage successful and not to repeat the mistakes of maternal, women are ready for many things: work hard, to adjust to a partner, to make concessions, etc . Whereas men, most of them do not have the flexibility nature as women, and not wanting to change their stereotypes, follow them, regardless of the consequences.

Even Freud said one important feature: men tend to look for in a woman unconscious traits of his mother. And then it does not matter what kind of features it – positive or negative. The main thing – the similarities. The more common in women with a mother of a man, the more likely that he will offer her hand in marriage. And then … almost one to one scenario will repeat their parents’ marriage.

Not the best personal life consists of men whose families do not have a father, and, consequently, the standard male behavior in marriage. Observed that these men are often inferior to the reins of power in the family life of a woman waiting for her typical “mother” behavior. And since women tend to see themselves next to a confident and independent man, a strong shoulder which to rely, not a helpless child, the divorce rate among men who were brought up by single mothers, more than 50%.

Pretty big problems seen in family life of men, which are later children from their parents and have a gap between the older brother or sister more than 5-6 years. Such men are a child you used to be the center of attention of the family and receive a lot of care and custody. And they are growing up and even create their own family, continue to wait on the surrounding high care, indulgence, continuous increased attention to his own person, and the fulfillment of all his habits. It is natural that such an egotist as husband suffers not every woman, so the divorce rate among the “younger brothers” rather great.

According to observations of family psychology, good husbands are very often men who have little sister, age difference which is at least 5-6 years. These men, from childhood accustomed to take care of the younger sister, a very good feel in the role of protector and patron. And exactly this man is known to the vast majority of women’s dreams. According to statistics, the number of divorces among “big brothers” relatively small – less than 20%. This case is important, whether the adult male is a good relationship with her younger sister. If so, his chances to become a good husband is tripled.

Of course, every rule has exceptions. You can not judge about the prospect of marriage to a man solely on the basis of what family he grew up there and had brothers and sisters. The older a person gets, the more individual character traits it is manifested, and the greater are its opportunities for self-improvement and change yourself for the better. All the same, the biggest argument in favor of a family with a particular man – a mutual feeling of love!

Sexy tongue.

People behave during sex in different ways, depending on their temperament, upbringing and individual psychological characteristics. The same applies to this moment as a verbal expression of feelings, emotions, desires and experiences. Some people are having sex, love out loud comment in detail what is going to further inflame themselves, others only occasionally uttered brief remarks like: “Oh, how beautiful!” or “What is your favorite, you’re sweet!”

The longer the relationship of a man and a woman, the more specific features shown in their behavior during sex. Some couples, after many years of marriage are accustomed to each other, can combine sex with watching interesting TV programs, while others prefer a quickie in between household chores, and others who are betraying the importance of the romantic relationship, like having sex with candles and soft music.

Although the sexual preferences of people can be very different, in most cases they are during sex, limited tender words or phrases needed to help manage the process, like: “Now, let’s try this pose,” or “Kiss me here.”

And it’s not because of zakompleksovannosti or excessive shyness. Just most people think of verbiage there is hardly appropriate, and that the gentle caresses and kisses are in this situation, “say” much more than simple words. Besides, not everyone would welcome the desire of his partner to talk during sex.

But it often happens that a man and a woman, after many years of marriage, cease to feel for each other is a strong sexual attraction and physical intimacy is something for them everyday and does not bring the former thrills. Rectify the situation and return the former heat of emotion such a pair can help not only different things purchased in a sex shop, but also special talk during sex, aimed at strengthening the sexual excitement of both partners.

But before you decide to diversify sex with verbal communication, be sure to discuss this with your partner. Sexual preferences of people are very different. So, what can one person to love, the other completely discourage all desire to have sex.

Moreover, it is necessary to discuss not only the possibility of talking during sex, but that it wants to talk or hear each of the partners. After all, if one partner to warm themselves during the next wants to use foul language, and the other at this point will be waiting to hear touching declaration of love – such misunderstanding can lead to quite serious problems.

Sexologists observed that sexual preferences are a lot of people are difficult to predict because they can not depend either on the floor or on the level of culture, nor of any other settings. There are many delicate and feminine ladies who prefer to man during the next few behaved rudely and imperiously, and some rough-looking men like it when a woman whispering in your ear to them all sorts of affectionate nicknames like “my fish” or “my little cat” .

Many people are shy and afraid to talk about their own sexual preferences to their partners, not to push them away. And a very good reason! Loving people always react with understanding to such desires, and even try to go as far as possible to meet them. The more natural person behaves during sex and more liberating, the more fun it can be to get as himself, and deliver to your partner.

Other extreme, when people are not very interested in partners’ preferences and having sex, does or says what he finds it necessary. This selfish behavior is unlikely to contribute to sexual harmony, therefore, calls into question the very possibility of a long and stable relationship between a man and a woman.

It often happens that a man, because of the false shyness is not solved to realize their sexual fantasies with the woman, buying sex for money, turning to prostitutes. This is explained by the fact that paying prostitutes for sexual services, the man can not be afraid of being ridiculed or condemned for their fantasies, so relax and do with a woman who bought that dream, but does not dare to do with his wife or lover.

Talk to the orchestra and to find out if he had any fantasies about sex, you can offer him to play sex games at his choice. If this person is foreign, it is most likely, and will say. But often men and women gladly agree to these games in the “governess”, “schoolgirl”, “strict educator” or “doctors.” By agreeing to these games, the person should not only try to please your partner, but also must take into account their own desires. There is an axiom that helps achieve sexual harmony: everything that happens during sex, should be fun for both partners.

Some people like to joke in bed or sneer at them and their partner. They think that such behavior adds spice to the relationship and helps liberated. It is desirable to be very very careful! Sexual harmony in the relationship is difficult to establish, but it is very easy to destroy. Sometimes a rude word or a mockery of partner behavior during sex can lead to deep resentment on his part and a complete loss of his sexual attraction to his wronged man.

Talk about sex and talking during sex – is not quite the same. All the problems that occur in men and women in the field of dating, they should discuss outside the bedroom. And, when you’re talking on such subjects to behave extremely politely and tactfully, without expressing displeasure direct partner and not making fun of him. It is desirable, on the contrary, emphasize the dignity of a partner, tell him of her love, and then start talking about the issues.

And certainly not to criticize the behavior of a partner and talk about his mistakes and shortcomings during intimacy. Having sex, one should relax as much as possible to disconnect from all the problems and enjoy the process, otherwise the sex will not be perceived as fun and enjoyment, as well as serious and responsible work.

Both women and men, even the most taciturn and reserved, love to hear from their loved one’s sweet words and compliments. So do not skimp on them! A woman should be commended beauty, sex appeal, and in the man power, endurance and ability to deliver pleasure partner. Just hearing those words from your partner, a person can feel really loved and wanted.

We should never forget that the sex – though not the only, but, nevertheless, very important and very subtle aspects of human life. Fortress relations between men and women is largely dependent on the presence of harmony in their sex life. Therefore, any efforts made to achieve this harmony, always pay off handsomely!

Relations between men and women

Every day, a man explores the different spheres of their lives. He is studying science, technology and psychology. Psychology of relationships between man and woman occupies a separate place of honor among the undiscovered secrets.

What makes snap together male and female? Hormones play a significant role. It is because of bursts of hormones we fall in love, orgasm, and we become happy. That’s why love is called the chemical process, the chemistry of feelings.

Kissing, concluded the sexes, improve mood, positive effect on the muscles of facial expression. Kiss creates sexual desire. Excitation. He – for the promotion of a loved one, of showing him a favor. It begins with a love relationship, men and women.

Friendship involves a guy and a girl communication, understanding, trust, community of similar interests. Among other things, assumed more and embrace. Free touch says a good location to the touch. The man, who weaves his arms, closes and does not allow himself to touch it. Between friends, this “blockade” is not unlike the loving couples. Everyone tends to relaxed conversation with a hint of rapprochement. Friendship provides men and women is communication with the application in the form of flirtation.

Relations between men and women based on sexual interest. Like to talk about sex and do it. Only a welcome and satisfied woman is really fresh and beautiful. The man, proud and deserves the highest praise when he was able to satisfy not only his passion, but also to bring the first woman to orgasm. A wave of love, rolled over the bodies, and coming out of both makes powerless, dehydrated, and happy. Satisfied, they are blessed with the smiles, donated by the angels.

A man and a woman form a tandem, which are born as a positive attraction, and conflicts. He and she loves differently, think and dream. The logic of a logic is not like another. In the resulting confusion and disorder are born, but it gives the emotional discharge. A release of negative energy that has a positive effect on the cleansing of the body from irritation.

But how can we explain the fact that people who love each other break up, sometimes for good? It’s hard face relationships, men and women. In such a situation they feel on a subconscious level, the lack of a shared future, and it has to be divided into two different ways. Intuition. People disagree, finding in consequence of other partners, but the relationship does not evaporate. They keep the memory, heart, soul and even some of the places and things.

Relations between men and women are difficult to understand. They are difficult to explain in words, but easy to experience for yourself. Whatever bound the two opposites, it creates a relationship. Relationship – it is our multi-faceted life.

Holiday romances – is there any chance of success

Subject resort novels excites the minds of mankind almost ever since, as there were first resorts. Write about this book, the subject articles in the journals, and recently undertook a resort novels, and science. For example, scientists have found that the propensity to romantic relationships during the holidays is determined by the level of a particular hormone, so that fans of the resort’s novels appeared scientifically based justification for his amorous adventures.

Statistical studies are also not spared resort theme novels, so now we can confidently assert that a romantic relationship going on vacation for about 67% of men and 34% of the female half of humanity. There are other interesting statistics about the resort’s novels, knowledge of which may be useful to many of us.

Who needs a spa novels? That’s one of the conclusions of statistics: the craving for love adventures on holiday show women in the age category of 25 to 37 years. At the same time give the marital status has no effect on their propensity to resort novels, as well as the presence of children. On the contrary, as noted by psychologists, “family” women are more attracted to male spa visitors, causing the opposite sex more confidence.
But the men all much easier – for holiday romance agree men of all ages, social groups and family status.

And as to the continuation of kurotnyh novels? It turns out that only 20% of men admit the possibility of continuing the resort’s novel, while as much as 80% of women are so fond of amorous relationships to the rest that they are ready to quit for the sake of their preservation of their respective husbands and to leave the family. It turns out that although women are less inclined to treachery during the holiday vacation, they are much more likely to completely lose their heads from the flood of emotions that can lead to disastrous consequences. So I think after that, who suffer more: the wives whose husbands go on vacation without them, or husbands who let their pious in “solitary voyage” on the holiday sites.

Do kurotny novel? So there is great pleasure of resort novels, and whether there is any benefit from them? At this point many people, so many opinions. Many are trying through such relationships to increase their personal self-esteem and prove something to someone. Other aspects of “spa of love” for fear of destroying their family. Others recall the sad consequences of resort novels in a variety of diseases, including sexually transmitted.

Continuation of the novel … The exact statistical science says that 12% of “selling” novels still comes to its logical conclusion – the creation of a new family. Is it much or little? Not only for those 88% of travelers whose romantic relationship ends with the holiday. But each of us has a chance to get to the happy 12%! In any case, it certainly does not contradict the data of unbiased statistics.

In bed with a foreigner

My lover – a foreigner! Today, this phrase does not sound exotic. Our women, who could not find no love, no qualitative sex with a Russian guy, are increasingly turning their attention to residents of other states, assuming that there is something to be sex extravaganza. Is this true? How to behave in bed by representatives of different nations, who are fit for the role of the hero-lover? Now I’ll tell you.

The Germans – not the case. Of them say: “Do you want to know what the German in bed, look bad German porn film.” Shy of “dopostelnyh ’emotions – kind word from you will not hear them – in bed for some reason they consider themselves to be cool cowboys, who need to travel the skittish mare. They do not care how you are and what you are, here are the main ones. However, this is good, and this is amateur sex, but the Germans and then broken off – if the ratio constant, even at 3-4 times, they lose all their military ardor, and make love as if doing a favor.

Perhaps the descendants of the Vikings, Scandinavians, give us a vivid emotion? It turns out that’s not chocolate. And this is an external belligerence. First, they make the first step in extremely rare cases, so if the question was raised by an edge, we must act and be very persistent. Second, get ready to play first violin in the bed they are cold, and even timid. Plus, always in a hurry, do not wait long sex. Are there any advantages? Yes, if sex is not important to you. Because the ideal of the Scandinavian, writes, largely coincides with the ideal representation of our women – on the street the rain, and you sit in a big house by the fireplace, drinking tea and holding the hand of a loved one. If you do this, pay their attention to the Nordic countries.

The British, in the opinion of our women, too strict, and all tend to reduce everything to a certain order. Sex, okay, let’s on Tuesdays and Fridays from eight to ten. Even the ladies are concerned some of their remoteness, it is not clear, he thinks during sex on a woman or a stock ticker? Yes, and boring, no fire, emotion, passion. However, they are very attentive and quickly memorize your favorite poses and are willing to do whatever you say. So no need to hide – tell him about their desires and ideas, they are nice intelligent guys, even with their zamorochkami. There are, however, another “but” on which we have identified a group of Englishmen in antilyubovnikov – for them to make love naturally vtoroem. And how can two girls and a man, and vice versa, it can easily invite a friend to share the bed with you. And for 99 percent of our women is well, is totally unacceptable.